Don’t be shy. This isn’t the time to be timid. The deadline to be included as a sponsor on the T-shirt is August 20th. T-shirts must carry the name of the event sponsors. One of those sponsors should be you. How else will anyone know your business is a supporter of the Boys and Girls Club of Jerome?

Your business could have already been included in this story had you been as forward-thinking as Atlas Pallets, Giltner Trucking, or Idaho Central Credit Union.

When and Where is the 3rd Annual Gathering of 'Grate'ness?

So many families and individuals will be at the 3rd Annual Gathering of 'Grate'ness 5K Run-Walk-Stroll on September 16th. With the ease of the location at Agropur in Jerome, how can they miss it? Registration to wear a T-shirt with your business name included thereupon will begin at 9 AM and the race of t-shirts, I mean participants, will begin at 10 AM.

Whey to be Well, Northside Bus Company, Clif Bar, Hagerman Springs Water, and Gem Stone Climbing didn’t miss the opportunity to get in on the fun, will you?

What is the Cost to Enter Gathering of 'Grate'ness 5K?

Admission for individuals who will wear said sponsorship name-bearing T-shirts is $12. Whole families of up to 6 people may be clothed in T-shirts advertising your business sponsorship of said worthy charitable event for $30. Each family member over the 6 will only have to pay $8 for the honor of T-shirts with your business name embossed upon them.

Join the likes of PCA, Wow Logistics, Western Waste Services, Idaho Milk Products, and the City of Jerome in the awesome opportunity to put a name on a shirt.

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Sponsorship can come in many forms. From Presenting Sponsor, Start or Finish Line Sponsor, to Water Table Sponsor, your business will be well advertised as an upstanding member supporting the Boys and Girls Club of Jerome. It needs to be done in time though. Banners on tables and posters are great, but the illustrious T-shirt name inclusion is vital. Those t-shirts will be worn for years of free advertising to come.

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