Regrettably, so much attention is paid to negative stories and news that positive things aren’t noticed. There really are good people and good events happening in Idaho. It’s pretty cool to see so many people working together to make our world a better place.

Keller Williams Sun Valley Southern Idaho has an annual celebration called R.E.D. Day. It stands for Renew, Energize, and Donate. It is an effort to “Renew values of our company, agents and community members, Energize each other through acts of kindness, and Donating back to the communities”.

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I had the good fortune to have a type of experience that benefitted others and helped me feel awesome. My group of volunteers had to do acts of kindness for an hour and report back. After taking water to people waiting in line at the post office, donating food to an animal shelter, and walking down the street smiling at people and telling them something positive, we all felt a difference in our own demeanor. I’ve never regretted doing things for other people and helping them feel good.

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I’m hoping participants in this year’s “A Day For Hope” on May 11th, will have an experience as positive as mine. This year they want to focus on suicide awareness in the Magic Valley with signs of love and support along Blue Lakes Blvd. The day begins at Jae’s Place at 9 AM and follows through to include Boot Barn, Fred Meyer, the Twin Falls Visitors Center, the Perrine Bridge, KMVT, and Chic-Fil-A. You can be a part of the group by wearing red shirts as you stand with KW agents, staff, and affiliates on Blue Lakes Blvd.

Stop by Fred Meyer, Boot Barn, or the Visitors Center and donate to Words For Woody, or get a bracelet. Words for Woody through the Jae Foundation funds a scholarship for trade school and other school costs for individuals up to 20 years old.

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