Pickup lines are the practice lines for becoming good a dad. Seriously, think about it - pickup lines are cheesy, don't always work, but seem like a good idea when shared. Also, pickup lines are a great way then for a lady to judge how good of a father the man will be. I was reading a funny article a few days ago that suggested we should use breakup lines when ending a relationship. Some of their suggestions are pretty great too:

  • It's time we cancel our gym membership, because we're not working out anymore.
  • Are we tectonic plates? Because we're drifting apart.
  • Our relationship is like my financial status: Broke.
  • I don't know what I'd do without you, but starting right now I'm going to give it a try.
  • Are you in a tunnel? Because we're breaking up.

Obviously that wouldn't be good for every relationship finale, but it could work sometimes. Reading that article I got to thinking about lines that could be used only around Twin Falls. With a little help from some co-workers we came up with your new list of perfect, local, Twin Falls pickup lines. Use them wisely and good luck in your future relationship.

  • I think I'm Twin Falling for you.
  • Your beauty is more overwhelming than the air by the sugar beet factory.
  • You're more breathtaking than the falls in spring.
  • Want to pretend we are at a Twin Falls train crossing and just hang out for 15 minutes?
  • You remind me of train crossing in Twin Falls because I've been sitting here watching you go back and forth for a while.
  • Wanna go jump off a bridge with me?
  • You make Blue Lakes less blue.
  • My Spanish isn't great but 'C-S-I who loves you'
  • Let's take this to the next level - here are Dierkes to my house.
  • Twin Falls doesn't have the only historic downtown.
  • I'll be Balanced Rock and you try to climb on top.
  • So, finger steaks and chill?
  • So, South Hills and chill?
  • You're hotter than the water at Hagerman.
  • I'm falling harder for you than the Shoshone Falls.
  • I'd do anything for you because I-da-ho for you.

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