A 14-year-old Twin Falls boy is in a coma after being struck by a vehicle while he was in the crosswalk. The family is asking for any help they can get right now. It is unclear if he is going to be home for Christmas. He is currently in a hospital in Boise.

According to reports and the Go Fund Me site, the teen was crossing at Cheney Dr at the crosswalk on Billiar St when he was hit by a car. As of right now, the teen has a fracture behind his nose, a fracture to his lower jaw breaks in his right leg, and swelling of the brain. He also fractured his right eye socket.

Right now the boy is in a coma and hospital workers are trying to prevent spinal cord fluid from leaking from the break behind his nose to the eye socket, they put a plate in his leg and they are working on the swelling.

The teen's parents are with him in Boise right now and are not working. The teen has siblings that are in Twin Falls. The goal for the Go Fund Me page is $5 thousand dollars for medical expenses and more.

We still don't have all the information about the driver and how this tragedy happened. Hopefully, the teen boy can make a full recovery and return to being a happy and healthy young man.

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