UPDATE: Pooch Splash tickets are still available. This close to the event, tickets will be $15 per pup. 

There are few opportunities to let your dog off-leash in Twin Falls. At least legally. Baxter’s Dog Park is a fun chance for dogs to hang out together off-leash and chase a ball. Other than that, it’s backyard play dates with the neighbor’s dog. Maybe a family member comes to visit and brings their baby they couldn’t bear to leave behind. In reality, they wouldn’t get the dog vaccinated and the kennel wouldn’t let them stay there. Thanks.

There’s an annual event coming up that is perfect for you and your buddy, well mostly the buddy, but you can come too. The 12th Annual Pooch Splash is already selling Early Bird tickets. The dogs get a chance to run and swim off-leash. Not sure if they could swim on a leash very effectively, so it’s a good thing they don’t have to try.

This awesome fundraiser will help shelter animals that are in need of medical attention. It is at Dierkes Lake on September 9th from 11 AM to 2 PM. Early Bird tickets are $10 a dog. If you wait until the event, you’re looking at $15 per dog. Of course, if you want to pay $15 to help the shelter, no one would stop you.

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Don’t worry if your dog is not much on the water-loving end of the puppy spectrum, the off-leash still applies. If they don't seem to like the life jacket look, just let them hang out. Consider this an opportunity for your dog to sniff all the trees and butts it wants without repercussion. That’s freedom, my friend. True freedom.

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