We have all had those coworkers that can be frustrating to deal with. It can be they never stop talking, they are arrogant, they are lazy, or several reasons that you don't like them, but we have all had one or a few of these in our lives. There are occasionally days that you can't handle it anymore, and would give anything to do something to not have to deal with them. While hitting your coworker is not an option, there is a legal option that you can do, and it may bring you closer together, or teach them a lesson.

A Salt Gun in Idaho

Credit: Jeff
Credit: Jeff

When you feel that urge to get physical with a coworker, it is best to resist it, as it will likely cost you your job and even perhaps could lead to legal actions. Instead, find a fun way to handle the situation. Anyone that has ever owned a salt gun to shoot flies and bugs knows that they are a blast to fire, and are effective when it comes to getting rid of bugs. For those unfamiliar with these, look at the picture above for what you have been missing out on. The gun is filled with salt and will kill flies when shot. You can find one today at Sportsman's and other select stores in the area. You can shoot this bad boy at flies, but can you shoot it at your coworkers? 

Can You Legally Shoot a Coworker in Idaho?

Yes, you can legally shoot your coworker, but it has to be with a Nerf gun, a water gun, or a salt gun, and it is best to have their permission. Neither is likely to do damage, but it could result in a call or meeting with human resources if they don't take too kindly to the act. Recently, my coworker shot me with a salt gun, and while it didn't leave any marks or hurt, it did have a slight sting to it on the initial impact. My coworker did have my permission to do it beforehand, and after taking the shot, I would approve of salting a coworker, so long as you don't shoot them in the face or too close to them. This is also a great way to get back at family members but is not recommended using on children or by children. 

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While you can assault or shoot a coworker, you can shoot them with a salt gun, which will likely still help you feel better if they are driving you crazy. Sometimes you need to take a break from all the stress, all tension, and have some fun in the office. Buy a salt gun, pull a coworker aside, and forget about work for a few minutes shooting someone. Watch the video above to see me getting shot, and then go create one of your own.

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