We are barely in to 2022 and we are seeing some 2021 trends still hanging around that we hate. It is ok, life doesn't change in an instant like the new year does. However, it would be nice if these things were to just stay in 2021 where they belong.


  • 1

    Dangerous and Destructive TikTok "challenges"

    Seriously, some of these "challenges" are absolutely ridiculous. I am not talking about the dancing ones that are goofy and do no harm. Keep that up! It is nice to see you all have some fun. We are talking about the ones that ask students to destroy the bathrooms at the school, to hit teachers, to jump out of moving vehicles. Ok, I don't know if that last one was actually a challenge, but I wouldn't be surprised. You get what I'm saying here.

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    Mask and vaccine shaming

    If someone wants to wear a mask, move on. If someone doesn't want to wear a mask, move on. If someone is getting the vaccine, let them. If someone chooses not to get the vaccine, so be it. Let people make their own decisions and stop being divisive over it. We are humans capable of making our own decisions and each decision is not void of consequences. Let them figure it out, whatever they decide.

  • 3

    The term "Cheugy"

    Apparently it means "uncool". Yes, I am definitely uncool because that is one of the most ridiculous sounding words I have ever heard. But, this could just be a sign I am old. Carry on youngins

  • 4

    Not using your headlights in a storm or at night

    Ok, this isn't just a 2021 trend, this happens every year. Please for crying out loud if it is dark or it is snowing or raining, please, use your headlights. Especially if you are in a white vehicle in a snow storm.

  • 5


    I think I have heard of more poaching cases around Idaho in 2021 than I have since I moved here. Let's be real, if you are going to kill it, use it. What is the point of shooting something and leaving it to waste? Also, super illegal, so there's that.

  • 6

    Left-laners on I-84

    If you aren't going to go the speed limit, move to the right lane. The left lane is for passing. Please stop going 60 MPH in the left lane and causing traffic to back up. Obviously, not talking about when weather conditions are poor and you have to drive slow, but still, do that in the right lane.

  • 7

    The mullet

    Idahoans love the mullet right now. Teens and young adults are cutting their hair "ironically" into a mullet. I mean, it is pretty hilarious, but my "achy breaky heart" can't take much more.

  • 8

    Blowing through crosswalks that are flashing

    Blowing through crosswalks in general is not a great idea. However, there are several crosswalks around Twin Falls that flash. Please, don't ignore the flashing lights. Stop and check. Too many people got hurt in crosswalks last year.

  • 9

    Shaming out of towners

    Can't we all just get along? I know change is hard. But we really shouldn't be shaming people that move here just for moving here. They saw how wonderful Idaho is, just like you did. They are just looking to be happy and have a great life. Embrace it, kindness goes a long way.

  • 10


    Between the Twin Falls City Pool bubble getting slashed to graffiti, the vandalism has to stop. People work hard for what they have, it is so not cool to go around and ruin it for "fun"

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