It is easy to fall in love with Twin Falls. It is a great place to live. But if you think about all the things that would be a better suited name for Twin Falls, there are some pretty great options. I know Twin Falls was named after the waterfalls, but maybe the town name could have gone in a different direction.


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    Shoshone Falls

    You can't tell me that Twin Falls wouldn't have been better called Shoshone Falls. How many times have you brought a family member to Shoshone Falls and they say "Oh this must be Twin Falls, they are beautiful". Nope, the Twin Falls aren't exactly as impressive as the Niagara Of The West.

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    That could be an interesting name. I. B. Perrine was the driving force behind the town's success. Sure we have a giant bridge named after him, but the town might have been more fitting.

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    Canyon Side

    Hello, the entire town is on the edge of a canyon. Canyon Side would be pretty appropriate.

  • 4


    We love our farmers. They support our economy and we like to support them. Naming the town after the farmers that keep this place going would be a nice dedication.

  • 5

    Falls City

    We are surrounded by a lot of waterfalls. They shoot out of the canyon wall all over the place. I am not sure there are even names for all of them.

  • 6


    The Snake River runs right along the edge of town. It helps give the area it's beauty. I guess we might have a few snakes as well.

  • 7


    People move to Twin Falls so they can jump off the bridge any time they want. BASE jumpers are a special type of people. Plus this is the only place in the country you can BASE jump without a permit.

  • 8


    We love our sturgeon fishing and eating around here. I have only heard of one place in the Magic Valley that serves sturgeon but I know a ton of people who fish for them. Catch and release of course.

  • 9


    Twin Falls is it's own little oasis in the desert. This town shouldn't have thrived as much as it did but people were able to utilize the river and make the area thrive.

  • 10


    It sounds kind of cheesy but this area is beautiful. Although I think the residents knew better than to call it Paradise because then more people might want to move here.

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