Waking up your kids can be as big of a chore as getting them to go to sleep on time. We have all experienced the child who refuses to get out of bed. While you may want to dump a small glass of water on them, there are better ways to get them to open their eyes.

WebMD suggests planning ahead and creating a good routine, one that is good for everyone in your family.

If the routine method isn't working anymore, you may want to try something unique. All Parenting suggests theses unique ideas:

  • buy your child a unique alarm clock
  • wake them up with the smell of a yummy breakfast
  • get the family pet to help wake them up
  • let them earn rewards for waking up and getting ready on time
  • tickle them awake

Some of my favorite wake up ideas come from The Stir:

  • throw their bathrobes in the dryer. This makes getting out of a nice warm bed easier.
  • set a timer and see which child can get ready the fastest
  • play their favorite song
  • sing them a morning song
  • if all else fails bribe them with stickers, a free download, time on their tablet, etc.

What are your tricks for getting your sleepy children out of bed?

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