Driving in slush, on ice, and in the snow is such a drag and stressful. It takes longer to get places, it takes time to scrape out windows, and shoveling is draining. The chores that follow after the snow are no fun, but there is one that most people don't do and should be aware of before jumping into their cars.

Clear The Ice And Slush From Your Wheel Wells

For those that don't know what the wheel well on your car is, it is the part around the tire of your car. The ice and slush from snowfall and driving on the melting snow can pile up and back up in there and cause problems for your tires, car, and lead to other problems down the line. If most are like me, they assume it will fall off when driving, but that is not the case, that actually can make things worse.

Problems The Can Occur From Not Clearing The Wheel Well

Multiple problems can occur if you do not clear out the wheel well of your car in the winter. Some of the problems are as follows:

  • The longer you wait your car may become hard to handle as the slush and ice back up and starts affecting your tire.
  • Your suspension will be affected as the ice and slush build, it will limit the room your tire has to work with. 
  • It will deplete the life expectancy of your tires and the ice will damage them the longer it stays there. 
  • It can damage the whole wheel well of your car and more. As the ice and slush move around and your car maneuvers with limited space in there, the ice will rub against the well and could even also damage the paint if it builds up too much. 
  • Turning your wheels may become more difficult. The more ice and slush, the less control you will have over your tires. It limits the space to work, so too much means it can not turn properly. 
  • Endangering yourself and other drivers. As your tires become affected, your turning and your suspension, it can make controlling the car as a whole difficult and put you and others in danger if you can't move the car properly. 

How To Remove The Ice And Slush From The Wheel Well


The best way to get the slush and ice from the wheel well is to kick it off or use your ice scraper around the wheel. I have never once thought to ice scrape down there when clearing ice off my car. It is not something that crosses most people's minds as they are more concerned to clear their windows. Make sure to take a few extra seconds or minutes and do the wheel well as well.

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Make sure to check all aspects of your car as the winter weather comes and goes this season, and make sure to clean out your wheel wells during every winter storm. It may seem like a small thing, but it could save you, other drivers, and your car as well. Drive safe, drive smart, and take care of your car as the snow, rain, and slush continue to pile up this winter.

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