There is plenty of construction happening around the Gem State. It doesn't matter if you are driving on the interstate, at an exit or entrance ramp, in town, or anywhere else, it seems there is some type of construction around every turn. Trying to navigate the way home is like trying to work your way through a labyrinth. Roads that you have traveled countless times to work or to run errands are now closed, forcing many to take routes they have never taken before. While it is nice to change up the scenery, it isn't the most convenient. With so many construction signs everywhere, it isn't surprising to find out that many residents are ignoring them and breaking the law, but how much could it cost, if caught? 

Ignoring Construction Signs in Twin Falls

Credit: Garrett Aitken
Credit: Garrett Aitken

Everyone appears to be complaining about the construction around the Magic Valley lately, and it is easy to see why. Specifically in Twin Falls, it is tough to find a way home, without running into some sort of road work. Many residents have decided to take matters into their own hands and view the signs as optional, more than as a rule. Many drivers have been going around the signs and taking the quickest route home, instead of taking detours. The signs are not recommendations, and officers have taken notice in the area. The cost of ignoring these signs, if caught, is a steep price. 

Cost Of Ignoring Construction Signs in Idaho

The Twin Falls Sherriff's Department is aware that many drivers are ignoring the signs, and are prepared to start issuing citations, and possibly worse. They recently took to their Facebook page to state what will happen if you are caught going around these road closure signs. If you have a nice officer, in a good mood, catch you, they may issue you a fine of $90 for failure to obey a traffic control device. If you get an officer who is in a bad mood, or perhaps isn't as friendly normally, they might issue you a misdemeanor citation, which could be up to $300. Neither option seems ideal, and it would be much better to take the detour and save your money. To read the full statement released by the Twin Falls Sherriff's Department, make sure to check out the picture above, or click the link in this paragraph. 

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Make sure to follow the rules of the road. The signs, while they are irritating, that is not their purpose. They are there to keep you safe and must be obeyed. It is better to take your time, and take the detours than to be cited for a fine or misdemeanor. When it is comes to the construction, obey the signs in front of you.

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