There are many things to be afraid of in Idaho. Car wrecks are happening frequently, there are large animals that loom right outside of town, and sometimes in town, and there is weather that can blow you away, freeze you to death, or bugs that can bite you and kill you within hours. While Idaho is a beautiful place to live, there is plenty to be afraid of. In the summer, there are lakes, rivers, and summer activities to be fearful and mindful of, and in the winter, there is the potential of avalanches, freezing to death, and sliding off the road. With all of these things to be afraid of every day, the most common fear in Idaho might be the most ridiculous fear of all. 

The Biggest Fear for Idahoans

Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz
Credit: KatarzynaBialasiewicz

With so many things to be afraid of in the Gem State, it may seem laughable, but the thing that seems to scare most residents in Idaho is going the speed limit. Driving around town, on the interstate, or out on the country roads, nobody appears to want to go the speed marked on the signs. Are they afraid of getting pulled over? Perhaps, but cops rarely pull people over, for going the speed limit. While speed traps are a real thing, it is hard to justify a ticket for going the speed limit, or even one to two miles over, yet most drivers in the state, appear to be more comfortable going 5 to 10 under the marked speed limit, proving they fear tickets and speeding more than anything else in the Gem State. 

Lack of Speed in Idaho

Credit: SIphotography
Credit: SIphotography

While it is understandable to not want to get pulled over for going too fast, and drivers may think they are being safe, driving under the speed limit by such a significant amount, can be just as dangerous for them and other drivers. With so many two-lane roads, those wanting to go the speed limit and get to their destination promptly, are forced to go around the slow vehicle and deal with potential oncoming traffic. This is putting multiple people at risk, including the slow car, who could get hit if an accident were to occur. It leads to tailgating, which can lead to accidents or road rage. It is ok to be a cautious driver, but having the car go the speed marked on the signs would be best for everyone, and would make the roads much safer. 

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While driving the speed limit may not be a true fear for everyone, it is happening far too often and seems to be something many residents are afraid to do. Stick to the speed limits on the signs, and it should make the roads safer, and benefit all drivers in Idaho. It is justified to be afraid of a potential ticket, but one will likely not come if you stick to the posted speed, and follow the rules of the road. 

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