I need a minute.  I'm preparing myself to sound old.  Here goes.  Do you remember the days when you could get front row seats to almost any concert by camping out in line the night before tickets went on sale?  Those days are gone.  Now, it's nearly impossible to get great seats, without paying way above advertised prices.  I found four reasons why.

  1. Fan Clubs.  Fan clubs reserve a certain number of tickets for their fans.  This is actually really cool.  The problem is that not everyone in the fan club is really a fan.  Scalpers create multiple fan club accounts and use different credit cards to buy up the seats for resale.
  2. Bots.  Scalpers use these to buy up online seats, FAST.  A bot is basically a simple program or code that slams the sight and quickly buys up tickets, faster than you or I can.  Many sites do what they can to block them but many still make it through.
  3. Credit Card Presale.  You know those commercials that offer credit card "rewards" such as great concert seats?  Those are real.  The problem is those tickets go to brokers who resell them.
  4. Some bands actually scalp their own tickets.  I have to admit ignorance on this one.  I was aware of everything on this list with the exception of this.  I had no idea that some acts will dictate in their rider that the venue set aside a certain amount of tickets.  Then the resell those tickets to Stubhub.  I tried looking and couldn't find any country acts that have been known to do this.