Seriously, I can't be the only procrastinator in the Magic Valley. The tax deadline in April 15th so no doubt, it is approaching quickly.

I do my own taxes every year so I am sure there is a ton of money that I am missing out on. I am not a tax expert, but I have learned a few things by doing my own taxes. I trust tax software, maybe more than I should.

I got my tax forms quickly despite all the drama of the government shutdown. I had every intention of doing my taxes the moment I got all my forms because I knew the money could be delayed. Well, needless to say, that didn't happen. In fact I waited so long to do my taxes, I had to re-find some of the tax documents I needed.

Has anyone else just procrastinated so long and hasn't done their taxes yet? I definitely plan on doing them this week, but who knows.

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