Anyone who owns a pet knows those guys won’t live forever. Part of the grieving process is letting those pets go. Nobody wants to think about when their pet will die, but it is just a fact that it will happen. If you have a veterinarian helping you in this end-of-life process, they can assist in the next steps.

What Can You Do When Your Pet Dies?

A coworker of mine has had her pets cremated when they die and keeps the ashes in her nightstand. She plans to have the remains buried with her when she passes. I thought that was very nice, aside from keeping a drawer full of ashes. She loves having many pets = many jars of ashes. Seems a bit strange, but you do you, right?

If you don’t think the ashes bedroom collection is right for you, how do you offer love and respect to your furry, scaly, or leathery companion? There are most definitely rules to follow in taking care of your pet’s remains.

Is it Legal to Bury a Pet in the Backyard in Idaho?

The Idaho Department of Agriculture has an Animals Division with specific rules. If reading through IDAPA 02.04.17 is not on your list of things to do today, I can break it down for you into somewhat smaller pieces.

First, there are water considerations. Pets need to be buried 300 feet from wells and drinking water supplies, 200 feet from surface water like lakes or streams, and not in a low-lying area that may flood.

There are also boundary locations. Animals must be buried no less than 300 feet from residences (think football field), 100 feet from public roads (3 school buses end to end), 50 feet from property lines (approx. semi-truck trailer), and at least 3 feet deep.

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Seems like if you don’t have quite a sizeable lot in town, your options may be very limited.

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