Now that Christmas has passed, many people look to the new year and wonder about when the post-holiday cleanup should happen. There are varying opinions on the subject.

Clearing Christmas Decorations Should Happen as Early as Possible

There are the gung-ho minimalists who tolerate the Christmas jumble as long as possible, then go into cleaning up overload. They stress putting everything into boxes, bins, and bags as soon as Christmas evening. These post-Christmas Grinches cannot help themselves. Pity them and help them to wait until at least December 26th. It’s a battle worth fighting.

Cleaning Christmas Decorations is a Process That Takes Until New Year’s Day

Many households slowly work away the Christmas decorations in stages so as not to shock the system. Stockings don’t need to be filled any longer, so they can go early in the process. Christmas clothing and garb can be washed and packed followed by Christmas dishes. Each step is thought through and planned so there isn’t a rip-the-bandaid scenario going on.

Cleaning Christmas Can Wait Until After New Year’s Day

Depending on traditions, after New Year’s Day can mean that Christmas decorations come down before January 1st, but the tree goes down on New Year’s Day. Other people wait for everything until the New Year so that guests visiting for parties can enjoy the spirit a bit longer. True traditionalists wait until after January 1st for decorations and after the 6th for the Christmas tree to celebrate Epiphany.

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Typically, cleanup is regulated by the person who does the majority of the work. If there is someone who wants a different time, they can do it themselves.

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