Halloween has only passed, but many are already looking ahead to another holiday. While Thanksgiving is the next major holiday on the calendar, that is not the holiday that most are focused on, instead, they are already planning for one nearly two months away. Before Halloween even arrived, some people in Twin Falls began decorating for Christmas, which is too soon, but when should you begin hanging Christmas lights and decorating for the holiday season?

Christmas Lights in Twin Falls

Credit: Bob Ricca on Unsplash
Credit: Bob Ricca on Unsplash

Before Halloween was completed, Christmas lights began popping up throughout Twin Falls. This seems disrespectful to the spooky holiday, but depending on the color of the lights, you could get away with using the same lights for both. Is it too soon for Christmas lights to be up? Perhaps not, but it is too soon to be turning them on. Why put lights up and turn them on for Christmas before the end of October? It runs up the electric bill, and it is far too soon to be celebrating a holiday that is two months away. You don't start putting out Easter eggs in February, or start making a Turkey in September for Thanksgiving. 

When is the Best Time to Put Up Christmas Lights in Idaho?

Credit: Jack B on Unsplash
Credit: Jack B on Unsplash

Every household has its thoughts on when Christmas lights should be put up. Some leave them up year-round, some do the day or weekend after Halloween, and most commonly, people put them up on Thanksgiving weekend. Living in Idaho, it is understandable to want to put them up early before the temperature is so cold, that you don't want to spend time outside if you don't have to. With a few nice weekends in October, it is justified to want to get them up while the weather is nice, but that doesn't mean they had to be turned on. Perhaps you turn them on for Halloween or on weekends, but it seems a little soon to have them on every night. 

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If you don't want to spend time in freezing temperatures, it might be best to get your lights up sooner rather than later, and with Halloween now over, it is much more justified. Put them up, but leave them off, and enjoy each holiday as it comes. Once Thanksgiving is over, then let them shine bright. If you can't wait until then, drive around some night and enjoy the lights already up, cause there are plenty of them up too early.

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