People seem to decorate earlier and earlier each year for Christmas. Is a few days before Christmas too late to get into the decorating spirit? How many people in Idaho bother to put up any more decorations this close to Christmas?

Should Anyone Bother Decorating This Late in the Season?

When the days until Christmas countdown reaches the single digits, many in Idaho have had their decorations up for almost a month. Is it even worth it to try to throw some cute decorations in the front yard, or wrap a few strings of lights around the windows at this late date? Is everyone now just waiting until the after-Christmas sales at all the stores to stock up on discounted decorations for next year?

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Credit Canva

Traditionally, people did not decorate for Christmas so early. The 4 weeks before Christmas were a time to reflect on the birth of Christ and reflect on his teachings. When Advent concluded on December 24th, families would decorate the Christmas tree. The celebration of the 12 Days of Christmas would follow through to January 5th. Then people would take down the decorations.

So, starting decorating now doesn’t make you late to the game, it makes you more of a decorating purist. Getting back to the roots. That’s what you can tell all your friends and neighbors when they inquire as to your tardy entry into the decorating furor.

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Just make sure those decorations don’t come down too soon. Remember January 5th is the end of the 12 Days of Christmas and the only appropriate time for the Christmas decorating traditionalist to remove the festive house trappings until next year. You wouldn’t want to seem like a decorating hypocrite. You get neighborhood naughty listed for that.

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