We've all been fired from a job at least once before. It's not anything to beat yourself up about, but instead, it should be viewed as a valuable life lesson.

I have a friend who got fired from the old Taco Time in Twin Falls. You know, the one that used to be next to Jack in the Box. He was shown the door because when he was asked if he could work faster, his reply was simply and honestly, "No."

There are only two ways a boss usually fires people. There's the polite way where the head honcho explains in detail why your abilities just aren't meshing with the company, and there's the power trippy way where the head cheese just wants to be a d%$#. Is there a Twin Falls job you remember getting fired from that you found the reasoning to be completely insane? 

I remember a restaurant I worked at where a co-worker got fired because her drawer came up like $3.00 short. A lot of times, bosses look for any opportunity that might present itself to finally rid themselves of someone, and when it happens, you know it.

I speak from experience when I tell you about what goes into terminating someone's employment. I've had two management jobs. The first was as a temp agency staff supervisor at a Twin Falls factory, and the second was my first four years with the company I currently work. You couldn't pay me enough to take on all that BS again.

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I've fired three people in my life, and fortunately for me, they all committed major violations so it was easy. I don't like the feeling of letting a person go, no matter what they did. I've been fired once in my life, and believe me, I earned it.

(That's for another story)

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