What would you do? What would you do if you go to rob a store, or a bank, or attempt a holdup, only for nobody to take you seriously? You would have some major concerns after attempting any such thing, but you would hope to be successful. Attempted robbery is an obvious crime and will have you serving jail time, but being successful in your attempt is way less embarrassing. If you finally went through with it and attempted a robbery in the Magic Valley, and the residents ignored you, laughed at you, or disarmed you themselves, what would you do?

Robbery Gone Wrong Caught on Camera

This may seem like an odd question to ask since most people will never attempt a robbery in their life. The reason it is being questioned is that recently a man in Atlanta tried to rob a salon in the middle of the day, and if you watch the video above you will see that nobody took him seriously. The man ended up with a lone cell phone that ended up being retrieved not long after. It has to be a little embarrassing to not only fail at an attempted robbery but to have it caught on video and to have nobody view you as a threat. The man will likely end up in jail, and his street credibility is out the window. If this happened to you, what would you do following your embarrassment? 

Bad Robbery Attempt in the Magic Valley

Credit: VIPDesignUSA
Credit: VIPDesignUSA

Attempting a robbery in the Magic Valley would not be a good idea. Not because it is against the law, but most Idahoans, especially in this area, are carrying. Walking into a store and telling everyone to put their hands up likely ends with more guns pointed at you than hands in the air. There is no winning that battle. The fallout would be tough as well, as trying to explain to your cellmate why you are behind bars is only going to end in laughs and embarrassment. If you by chance you did not get caught, would you attempt a robbery again or would the shame be so bad that you hang up your robbing days? In today's camera-filled world, you have no know that everything will be caught on video, which is why this man's attempt is even more hilarious. 

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It is best to never attempt a crime, but if you do and it goes embarrassingly wrong like this, it is best to never try again. If you get caught, it is likely a good idea to confess and try and reach some sort of plea agreement. This man will have to live in shame forever, while we get to sit back and feel embarrassed for him and chuckle. If you ever attempted a crime and ended up failing with video evidence like this man, what would you do?

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