What would you do? What would you do if you could see your loved ones who have passed away, every day, but it was inside your coffee table? No, you didn't read that wrong. Their body would be inside of your coffee table for you to see them every day. It may sound creepy and morbid, and it likely is, but if given the chance to have them be a part of holidays, birthdays, and always present in the house, would you take this chance, or is it too creepy for you? Many people struggle with grief and the loss of loved ones every day, so if you could hold onto them and continue to see them, what would you do?

Bury Loved Ones in Your Coffee Table

The picture above is terrifying. Seeing a dead body in the middle of a coffee table is not something many expect to see. There are other reasons, the picture is scary, but that will come in the following paragraph. Losing someone is hard, and the thought of not seeing them ever again can be tough. Sometimes you need to hear their voice, feel their hug, or see them one more time. Knowing that once they are cremated or buried that none of those are possibilities any longer, can make life tough. Having them forever in your coffee table might help with the grief, knowing you can look down and see them at any time, or is it best to move on with life? I know that I would love to see my mom again, but having her in my coffee table every day might be a bit much.

Dead People in Your Idaho Home

There are issues with burying a loved one in a coffee table. What if the table breaks? The body would be on the floor and no longer preserved. What if you move and don't have room for the coffee table, or what happens to it when you pass away? Someone that isn't related to you or your family, could have your spouse, your child, your parent, or whomever in their living room. The post above is fictional, but it is something worth thinking about. Legally, this likely isn't possible, but if it was, would you do it to hold on a little bit longer? While a body in your coffee table is scary, it isn't as scary as the people sitting around the coffee tables in the pictures. AI has things to improve on, as it is hard to tell who is deceased, the ones on the couches, or the ones in the coffee table. When you have nightmares tonight, you're welcome.

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If presented with the opportunity to see your lost loved ones every day, lying in the middle of your living room, would you take it? You would have to explain it to everyone that comes over, you would need a plan on what happens to the coffee table after you pass, but it may bring you comfort seeing them there and feeling like they are at all the major events that happen in your living room. If given the chance to have a loved one preserved in your coffee table, what would you do?

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