The Simpsons were a great part of the 90's but what things can you remember hating in the 90's? There's a discussion on Reddit about the absolute WORST things about the '90s.  Here are some of the best things people have offered up . . .

1.  Just breathing on your CD player made it skip.
2.  Blockbuster late fees on VHS tapes.
3.  Ridiculous screensavers, like flying toasters, that would slow down your computer for good.
4.  Paging someone with 911 and having them not call you right away.
5.  When someone in the house would pick up the phone, disconnecting the modem and knocking you off America Online.
6.  The quality of Disney animated movies declining . . . the decade started with "Beauty and the Beast", "Aladdin", and "Lion King" and ended with "Tarzan".
7.  JUST missing out on the cell phone era.  No matter what stage of life you were in, imagine how different it would've been if everyone had phones.