Love it or hate it, eventually, the Christmas decorations have to come down. Anything reusable has been packed away into the storage unit, shed, attic, basement, garage, or closet. What do you do with all the trash?

If you run out of room in the trash can outside, that’s okay. Don’t fret about the bags of wrapping paper sitting in the garage until the next trash day. Some of the stuff you’re planning to send to the landfill may be recyclable.

What Christmas Debris Can Be Recycled, and What Goes to Landfill?

There were plenty of packages delivered this year. The cardboard shipping boxes those gifts came in can all be recycled. Fold them down or cut them up and put them in the recycling bin. If you don’t have curbside recycling, there are recycling centers that will happily take broken-down boxes off your hands.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Foil roasting trays can be recycled. It is best to remove all food residue from aluminum foil trays before putting it in the recycling bin. Dry the foil and ball it up. Keep recycling as clean and dry as possible for best results.

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Wrapping paper has some rules. Most wrapping paper has foil, glitter, or a glossy laminated finish that cannot be recycled. If your gift wrap is devoid of all this nonsense can be recycled. This is not one of the items that can be placed in Twin Falls recycle bins, more’s the pity. Check local recycling centers to see who will take recycle-safe paper.

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

While real trees are completely compostable, there isn’t a process for that near Twin Falls. For disposal in Twin Falls, take all the lights, and decorations as well as the stand from the tree. Cut the tree into 3-foot sections and make sure the kids watch to let them know the magic is completely gone for another year. Place those sections in the trash cart for regular pickup trash day.

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