What sport would you want to kick out of the Olympics?  According to a couple of new surveys from Virtual Strategy / AskMen, the ones we'd cut are:  Trampoline . . . badminton . . . synchronized swimming . . . table tennis . . . team handball . . . and archery.  The sports we're most looking forward to watching are gymnastics, swimming, and track and field.

We've got the results here of two different surveys on what sport should be kicked out of the Olympics.

And while they don't completely agree, one thing is clear . . . there are a lot of people who can't differentiate between incredible world-class table tennis and the ping pong they play in their friend's basement.

In one survey, 19% of people said badminton should be kicked out . . . 15% said table tennis . . . and 13% said team handball.  Team handball is the only sport America won't be competing in this year.

The other survey . . . which was only of men . . . found 47% think TRAMPOLINE should get kicked out.  30% picked synchronized swimming, 18% picked table tennis, and 5% picked archery.

The sport people are most looking forward to watching is gymnastics.  That's followed by swimming and track and field.