The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year. It isn't even debatable. The World Series, the Stanley Cup, and the Daytona 500, none of them can compete when it comes to the Super Bowl, and the ratings back that up. People who aren't a fan of football watch the game. It is more an event than a game. There is the National Anthem, the commercials, the snacks, the halftime show, parties, and a football game played in the middle of all of that. While anticipation grows for the big game, many in Idaho will be disappointed to find out that they won't be able to watch the game this weekend.

No Super Bowl this Weekend in Idaho

Credit: Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash
Credit: Phillip Goldsberry on Unsplash

The matchup is set and many are excited to see the San Francisco 49ers take on the defending champion Kansas City Chiefs. While the countdown is on and many are already thinking of what snacks to get, they will be disappointed to find out that they won't be enjoying the game this weekend. For diehard fans, many know there is a bye week between Championship Sunday and Super Bowl Sunday, but for casual fans, or those that only watch the big game, they may not realize it isn't this week. The game will be played the following Sunday, February 11 beginning at 4:30 PM MST and will be airing on CBS this year. 

How to Watch the Super Bowl in Twin Falls

Credit: Ryan McVay
Credit: Ryan McVay

There will be plenty of options for watching the game this year, with many restaurants and bars likely to have it on, or perhaps you can go to a friend's house or host your own party. Take advantage of the bye week, and do all of your shopping this weekend to avoid the crowds. Stores will be packed the weekend of the game, and nobody wants to deal with that kind of crowd when you could go this weekend. It gives you time to prepare the snacks and drinks and gives you time to get what you may have forgotten and still avoid the weekend crowds. 

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While some will be disappointed to find out they won't be attending a Super Bowl party this weekend, most fans should have known this already. The good news is you won't be sad when nobody shows up this weekend now if you are planning to host a watch party. Get your snacks early and start preparing, the game is fast approaching which means time for some food, football, fun, and most likely, a ton of Taylor Swift.

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