The calendar may say March, and spring may be approaching, but it isn't here yet and Mother Nature is letting it be known. While some snow was expected to hit the Magic Valley this morning, more than most anticipated ended up hitting. The roads are slick, and it has caused some school delays and closures today. As closures and delays come in, the list below will be updated, but currently, here are the schools closed or delayed for Wednesday, March 6. .

School Cancelations and Delays in the Magic Valley

  • Richfield School District - Closed
  • Heritage Academy - Delayed One Hour
  • Hagerman Public Schools - Delayed Two Hours
  • Dietrich School District - Delayed One Hour

Snow in Southern Idaho

Credit Canva
Credit Canva

Snow has been hitting the Magic Valley and Eastern Idaho has been hit by snow all week, causing many wrecks across the Gem State. Throughout the week, snow has hit in the early mornings all week, but has melted throughout the early part of the day. Today there was more snow than the previous three combined in the Magic Valley area, and it has caused road conditions to not be ideal. There is more snow expected to hit later tonight, so check back for potential school closures and delays tomorrow as well. 

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As more school closures are announced, the list will continue to be updated. Check back frequently if you think your child's school has a chance to be canceled. Be safe and don't get out if you don't have to.

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