What if each city was able to come up with their own New Year's Resolution? What do you think your city resolution should be? We have some examples of what we think would work.

Boise's Resolution: We should start letting other states know that there is more to Idaho than just us.

Twin Falls Resolution: It's official, we have to find something other than Olive Garden to complain isn't here and be excited about.

Sun Valley Resolution: No you still can't sit with us, well, maybe you can sometimes.

Moscow's Resolution: We are going to stop being known for having the most drunk college students.

Jackpot's Resolution: This is the year we officially become Idahoans.

Burley Resolution: We are going to find every reason to not have to drive to Twin Falls unless we absolutely HAVE to.

What are some other fun New Year resolutions that would fit different towns in Idaho?

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