I don't think the pandemic turned me into a germaphobe, and I definitely wouldn't have considered myself to be extra wary of germs before COVID-19 happened. But, that doesn't mean I can't see when a situation is obviously a possibly gross situation.

If snot-nosed kids are running around my house I wipe doorknobs and light switches more often. When food falls on the floor I take a moment to see how dirty the floor is before I decide whether the 5-second rule applies or not. Maybe the pandemic did make me more aware of those possibly gross situations.

Soda Springs Hot Bubbly Water

That's why this Southern Idaho spring that spews out bubbly water really has me skeptical of the purity of the natural waters. Especially considering that the source is just an open hole in the ground where anyone can walk up and stick their cup (hands, feet, and dogs) in for a refreshing drink.

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In Soda Springs, there are numerous natural springs that bubble out of the ground. One of those was featured in a YouTube video, and if you watch it below you'll see why I'm not sure about the purity of the water.

The spring in the video is Hooper Spring, and to be fair I've had siblings visit there and say it is awesome. I just really worry about the hands that go in that water tainting the spring. My sister says that if you get the water and mix in a flavored drink packet it does taste like a soda. Having never been there myself I have to assume she's messing with me as any big sister would do.

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