What Are You Afraid Of?
Lots of people have fears. I know several people that won't walk across the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls because they are afraid of heights. Other people have no issues with heights but are afraid of spiders, or sharks, etc. I know several people that are afraid of clowns. Doctors and Scie…
Zip Lining Across The Canyon Could Cure Your Fear of Heights
Everyone is talking about Dorothy zip lining across the canyon for 101th Birthday. She seems to have no fear, which is admirable. I think most of us have a fear of something. Rather we are afraid of spiders, heights or our credit card bills we are all fearful of something.
Men Don’t Hate Valentine’s Day… They Fear It
It would make sense if men hated Valentine's Day.  It's a day where there are about eight billion ways to screw up, and you can only really nail it if you read minds . . . or if years of disappointment have lowered your wife or girlfriend's expectations.
But according to a new sur…