Winter Weather Halts Trash and Recycle Collection in Twin Falls

The City of Twin Falls has published a notice, informing residents that garbage and recycling collection has been postponed due to weather. In response to adverse winter weather conditions, PSI Environmental Systems has taken the precautionary measure of suspending trash and recycle collection services on Wednesday, January 17. The decision was made to ensure the safety of collection truck drivers and to prevent any potential damage to equipment or property.

When Will Twin Falls Trash be Collected?

This temporary suspension of services will affect all City of Twin Falls customers who were scheduled for trash and recycle collection on Wednesday, January 17, 2024. These customers are advised that their next collection will occur on their regularly scheduled pickup day in the following week.

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Prioritizing Safety

The City of Twin Falls, in collaboration with PSI Environmental Systems, extends its sincere apologies for any inconvenience this situation may cause to residents. The decision to halt collection services is rooted in the safety and well-being of both the drivers and the general public. While many of the main roads are serviced by City snowplows, alleys and residential areas and not serviced, and many neighborhoods are too socked in for the trucks to be able to effectively reach and collect bins.

Contact Information

Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding trash or recycle pickup schedules, you are encouraged to get in touch with PSI Environmental Systems directly at 208-733-4441.

Other Weather Impacts throughout Twin Falls

The recent winter storm systems in Twin Falls have had an impact on the community, including an accident early Tuesday morning that demolished a traffic signal at the corner of Addison and Washington in Twin Falls. As of Wednesday, the intersection remains a 4-way-stop.

And most public and private schools have canceled class on January 17 as well.

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