The Duran Group Powered by Re/MAX Legacy Hometown Hero award for the month of December is underway. We have three nominees that are absolutely amazing. Vote for who you think should be named the Duran Group Powered by Re/MAX Legacy Hometown Hero for December.


Will Hughes

According to the nominator, Will Hughes is a father of 5 that makes sure he is at every single school event and works for Claude Brown Restoration as the main lead. The nominator said he works around the clock with compassion and goes about and beyond to make his customers' day great. The nominator said Will is always looking out for the community and he deserves some appreciation for his hard work.



According to the nominator, Hallie Wucinich saved her dad's life after he fell 75 feet in the Snake River Canyon. Hallie climbed out of the canyon to call for help, direct first responders to her injured dad, and undoubtedly saved his life. According to the nominator, Hallie stood on top of her dad's vehicle waving her arms to guide the first responders in a calm manner. The nominator stated she has the stuff heroes are made of and her dad is here today because of her.


attachment-Lori Hinton

According to the nominator, Lori Hinton has a heart of gold. Lori is an educator that goes above and beyond for her students. The nominator said that Lori provides her students with the best education possible and is highly respected by the community. The nominator also stated that Lori volunteers and enjoys all school events.

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