Bing Crosby is thought of as the voice of the Christmas holiday to many. Did you know that in 1947 he recorded a one-minute, twenty-second song paying homage to the state of Idaho?

Bing Crosby is arguably one of the most recognizable voices in the history of recorded music. He is a favorite of mine, and in December his voice can be heard throughout our home almost on a daily basis. We annually watch Christmas films he's starred in such as White Christmas and Holiday Inn.

Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole are perhaps the two most-played recording artists during the Christmas season. I own both of their greatest hits albums on vinyl, as well as their Christmas compilations. Crosby grew up 630-miles northwest of Twin Falls, in the city of Tacoma, Washington.

Next year will mark the 75th anniversary of Crosby's recording of "You're The Gem State Wonder, Idaho." As the majority of songs were in the forties, the track is short in length, but its message is timeless and also a source of pride for many Idahoans.

"Go Vandals, Go," was first sung 90 years ago at an Idaho football game, and is the first tune that comes to many Idahoans' minds when they think about state fight songs. It's the song that you'll hear at every University of Idaho football game to this day. The university is located in Moscow.

With Christmas now less than three weeks away, I thought you might enjoy listening to this Bing Crosby lesser-known classic about the Gem State.

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