There are certain animals we know about but have never seen. As is documented, I long to see a moose, but some animals are even more rare to see in the wild than that. While many of us may never see certain ones, sometimes people are in the right place at the right time and are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of these wild creatures. Recently there was a group in Yellowstone that were lucky enough to catch one of the rarest animals to see in the wild, and they caught it all on tape.

Wolverine Spotted in Yellowstone

In the video below, is a wolverine that was spotted crossing the road at Yellowstone recently. A group was on a tour, when they spotted the furry creature, and were able to get close to a two-minute video of it.

Wolverines are so rare to see, that while Yellowstone officials don't keep tabs on when animals are spotted, only 8 have been known to be seen in the last 15 years. Those are not good odds of seeing a wolverine in the wild, but this group was fortunate enough to see one.

Wolverines in the Wild

Credit: Hans Veth on Unsplash
Credit: Hans Veth on Unsplash

The next time you are in Yellowstone, don't get your hopes up, as the chances are slim of seeing a wild wolverine in person. Park officials are encouraged by people spotting them though, as it shows signs that the population is gradually increasing. By law, it is illegal to hunt them in the state of Wyoming. The population of wolverines has been growing in the area, but they're still aren't many in the park.

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While I was a little bummed it wasn't the X-Men Wolverine that was spotted, the fact that the animals are being spotted is a good sign that they are populating and hopefully increasing the odds that we can see them. The next time you are in Yellowstone, make sure to keep your eyes open, and who knows, you could be lucky enough to spot one yourself.

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