I feel like National Napping Day has been strategically planned for the first Monday after Daylight Saving change. Well, might as well enjoy it!

I mean, we lost an hour of our weekend due to the time change right, might as well take that hour back through a nap. Maybe even in the middle of the work day. Studies show there are benefits for adults to take naps and after the time change it is needed!

Some studies show that the benefits of a napping include better memory, improve job performance, make you happier and help reduce stress levels. I mean, I never really needed an excuse to take a nap, but now I feel like I have lots of reasons to take advantage of it!

After the time change, studies also show that car accidents go up, stroke and heart attack increase, accidents at work. So, do what you can to prevent those things from happening and just take a quick snooze. Just don't blame us if the boss catches you.

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