Urban ax-throwing is becoming a new craze around the country and it is pretty much as cool as it sounds.

If you were to combine axes, darts and bowling then you pretty much get urban ax-throwing. You chuck axes at a giant target board and keep track of your points. Places across the country are actually putting them in at bars. Mixing throwing a deadly weapon and alcohol? What could possibly go wrong?

If Twin Falls got an indoor ax-throwing facility is that something you would support? I mean it looks so cool I would have to try it. And you could add things like ax-throwing leagues, maybe even spears and javelins or pretty much anything sharp and throwable.

Check out this woman. She looks like she is having an absolute blast! And it would be great for self esteem. Even if you can't throw it very well it would be hard to feel like a wimp throwing a massive ax at a board.

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