Game of Thrones is officially over. This season has been interesting for fans and the drama that they are causing. I am curious, for those who watched this season, was it really as bad as some are making it out to be?


There was so much hype for the final season but almost instantly people started banding together to try and get the show remade. I am not sure if it was because the G. R. R. Martin book for this hasn't been released yet so they are assuming that the author had nothing to do with this season or if they are secretly just upset it is over.

There has been a petition going around trying to get HBO to recreate and rewrite this final season. It has hundreds of thousands of signatures. Now there is even special counseling sessions for those who are this upset by the ending.

This is incredibly dramatic I admit. Sure I am sad the series is over but I am not sure it could have ended any other way. What do you think? Was it really that bad?

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