I have to admit, when I first heard about this, I laughed. There have been reports of some teenagers driving around area neighborhoods throwing fish at homes and in the streets. Trout to be exact.

A friend of mine is actually one of these people who have been "trouted". He and his wife woke up to three different trout in their yard, one of which hit their truck. No damage was done to the property, just the fish. My friend actually thought the situation was "kids being kids", because we have all done stuff like this before.

There have been more reports online as I have delved deeper into the situation. More and more people are commenting about random trout in their driveways, the back of their trucks, on their porches, and in the street.

I have so many questions, where are they getting these trout? How do they have so many trout at their disposal? And of all things to throw at homes, why fish? If you are going to throw trout at my yard, can you at least throw some cedar planks, lemon, and garlic my way too?

You have to admit, there are much worse things teenagers could be doing than throwing fish. It is virtually harmless, I say virtually because I don't know everyone's circumstances and it could have caused some damage to other homes or vehicles.

The encounter that I have confirmed happened at night and was done by some teenagers driving by at home. If you have encountered fish throwing at your home, please let us know and share what happened.

Are these kids being kids or a terrible prank?

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