Admittedly, I am not a Twin Falls teenager. I may be a little slow to pick things up. How have I missed these videos since last year? I like funny. I like good content. Brady the Great has a YouTube channel and is making some awesome shorts.

As a youngling, this is trying to be quiet so I can watch Saturday morning cartoons before chores. As a teenager, this is me trying to get in late. With a morning job now, this is perfect today.

My husband says he is too young to understand this so well. Perhaps you are wise beyond your years, Brady.

Brady shows an understanding of pressure. You may see him on the World Series of Poker someday.

Observational humor, the message delivered without overdoing it. Yep, he gets it.

As a young person, this is only his view of a family reunion. As a grown-up, we know we’re torturing you. We like it.

You mean you guys aren’t patiently waiting until the proper time to molest the presents? I suppose it’s better than opening them and re-wrapping them after peeking. Present peekers are the worst!

This is just like my nephew. Do boys do this because they think it makes them look tough? Girls do it for fashion. Suffer for perception.

I think he should have added more sighs and eye rolls. Where’s the ‘you just don’t understand’? Not nearly dramatic enough.

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Maybe he’s gunning for my job, but somehow I doubt it. I think he’s already passed me by on the talent scale.

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