The Fourth of July is a huge barbecue holiday. So we only ask the best questions here. If you were forced to only be able to grill hamburgers and hot dogs, which would you choose?

Now let's be specific here. You can have any brand or flavor of hot dog, but you can't choose bratwurst or cheddar wursts. You can choose any grade of ground hamburger and put anything on the hamburger you desire, you just can't choose steak.

I know if you could choose anything on the planet to grill you aren't likely to choose either a hamburger or a hot dog. That is what makes this question so fun. We aren't going to limit any topping you so desire or any way you want to prep said meat.

As for me I would have to say that I would definitely without a doubt choose a hamburger. That being said, I do love me some Falls Brand hot dogs. They are pretty tough to beat.

Which would you choose?

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