The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office shared a video on their social media page reminding people to be mindful of their wakes when they are boating around the area.

The video is done pretty well if you ask me. Sometimes people who are driving boats don't even realize that the wakes they are creating can cause some issued with those who aren't in motorized vessels like paddle boards and kayaks.

It serves as a good reminder to give non motorized vessels some extra space if you are driving a boat around them and maybe slow down if you are going pretty fast. It is hot out right now and there are more people on the water. The Twin Falls Sheriff's Office is just reminding those to be mindful of the people around you.

A few weeks ago I was floating the river for the first time on a giant tube with some friends. I was nearly tipped over several times by boaters driving by and causing a huge wake. We almost got sent into the bank with some trees that could have popped our float as well. Thankfully that didn't happen and more people than not seemed to be mindful of where we were.

I can only imagine how hard it could be to stay on top of a paddle board or something if those wakes had hit in something other than a tube.

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