Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. You have a plan to go on a family outing and find out there isn’t a way to get where you want to go. Let’s avoid the frustration ahead of time. Make plans to go elsewhere for the time being.

If you were thinking of taking a drive to the Evel Knievel Jumpsite, be prepared for disappointment. The City of Twin Falls has decided that construction work on private property adjacent to the Knievel Site road access and bad weather conditions warrant closure of the road.

Credit City of Twin Falls
Credit City of Twin Falls

Access to Shoshone Falls Park was restricted for some time as it was being used as a staging area to treat the quagga mussel infestation. In October, access to the park became available again, but now, inclement weather decided to step in and end that moment of zen. Not sure how much it affects people who want to watch the falls, as there isn’t much water to view at this time.

Credit City of Twin Falls
Credit City of Twin Falls

It does get misty and foggy in the area, and freezing is a continuous concern in the area. Road conditions may allow for reopening, but checking on open status is recommended. Visit the Twin Falls website at TFID.ORG to get up-to-date information on park access.

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Anyone wanting to see winter waterfall activity can try a visit to to see if there are other scenic views that are open.

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