Twin Falls Police Department every year hosts "National Night Out", a campaign to build police and community partnerships. It is coming up soon.

On Tuesday, August 6th, you can head down to the Twin Falls City Park to meet and hang out with local law enforcement and paramedics. In the past, Magic Valley Paramedics, Twin Falls County and Twin Falls Police participated in the event. SWAT members have also attended in previous years.

It is a great chance to get the human aspect of police officers. Sure these are the same men and women pulling you over when you speed, giving you a ticket or even arresting you. However, these are the same people who are there when you need them most, who will do what they can to save your life it they can and potentially sacrifice their own lives and time with their families.

Tuesday starting at 5 p.m. you can show the support for these amazing people and bring about a partnership with them. It is best to look at these people as great people, not bad people. This is a good way to do just that.

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