Today the snow has been pretty crazy. There have been multiple accidents, road closures, business closures, and more due to the inclement weather. Make sure you check out for more information about driving conditions.

The snow is supposed to settle down a little later. However, Twin Falls and much of the Magic Valley is in a winter weather advisory until 8 pm Monday, December 27th. A great deal of snow fell over the long Christmas weekend, and even more throughout today. It looks like we may be in for another Snow-magedon from 2016.

Obviously, I am not a meteorologist. I am just looking at the forecast for the next week and it doesn't appear the snow is letting up any time soon. Another inch is expected to fall today, up to three inches over the mountains.

Tomorrow, December 28th, there is only about a 15 percent chance of snow but it is going to be bitter cold. Highs only in the teens. Then Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you guessed it, more snow.

Wednesday morning I would expect another winter weather advisory. Snowfall is expected to be around another inch. Thursday and Friday more snow and more wind. Both those days are expected about another inch of snow as well. So overall we should expect about 3 to 5 inches of snow the rest of the week.

That may not be Snow-magedon 2.0 worthy just yet, but if Mother Nature decides to take things into her own hands and dump way more than expected on us, it has the makings of another long winter.

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