And this is one of the many reasons why you don't try to break into an Idahoan's home or try to vandalize it. This Twin Falls man caught some alleged thieves or vandals and held them at gunpoint until police arrived.

The person would like to remain anonymous. According to him and through some of the video, you can see these three allegedly tried to get into the yard through the fence. The lights came on, probably automatically, and alerted the Twin Falls man. The man in the video shows up pointing a gun at them, kicks open the fence and directs the three into the backyard to hold them until authorities arrive.

The alleged thieves or vandals do not appear to be very old. There has been an increase in reports of vandalism, break-ins, car thefts and more. While many of them do not end in this situation, many of them could. If you are a potential thief or vandal, here is a word of caution: Lots of Idahoans have lots of guns. This situation could have ended completely differently.

According to Idaho law, you have a right not only to defend your house with lethal force, but also your yard, your place of business, and your vehicle. It also states that the defense of self or of another does not require a person to wait until he or she ascertains whether the danger is apparent or real. If they believe the threat is real then they have a right to defend themselves with lethal force.

Thankfully this did not turn lethal. This situation was handled perfectly. The alleged thieves put their hands up, the homeowner held them until police arrived and no one was hurt.

There are a lot of teens out and about right now getting into trouble, there are a lot of adults out and about right now getting into trouble. So be aware that the person where you may be causing trouble could have a gun and the right to protect themselves.

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