This really is an amazing story. A 13 year old Twin Falls boy named Krew Egan started mowing lawns a few years ago to help his parents. After having some pretty serious health complications himself, he turned that into helping others. His story goes beyond just good deeds though.

According to his mother, Sara Ega, Krew was diagnosed with a kidney disorder that has no cure and made him very sick a few years back. He missed a lot of school, did a lot of treatment and vowed to help others when he got healthy again.

Now that he is back on the upswing of things, Krew has decided to stay active and mow lawns for people, pretty much anyone that is willing to let him. In 2019 he traded for an older bike cart so he could haul the lawn mower. Even though they recently moved, Krew goes back to their old neighborhood to help mow lawns and keep promises made to neighbors before they moved.

I swear this is one of the sweetest stories I have ever heard. Krew does not expect to get paid for his work, he is always volunteering and also almost never spends his money on himself. Sara said that he will often go to the gas station to get surprises for his siblings using his own money.

Krew is very close with his 4 year old sister who has Cerebral Palsy. He takes her everywhere he can so she can experience life like he has. Right now we need more news about boys like Krew. Congratulations Egan family, sounds like you have a wonderful and caring family.

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