The Orpheum Theatre in Twin Falls has a number of great live performances planned in the upcoming weeks. One such story that the theater will be adapting to the stage is based on a best-selling romance novel by author Robert James Waller.

The Orpheum Theatre, at 146 Main Avenue North, has announced a planned live production of the Bridges of Madison County. The story first appeared in book form in April of 1992, and was written by award-winning author Robert James Waller. It tells the story of a professional photographer who meets the love of his life while on assignment in a rural location.

The story became a major motion picture in 1995, and starred Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. Eastwood played Robert Kincaid, a photographer for National Geographic who was on assignment photographing bridges in rural Iowa. Streep played the role of Francesca Johnson, a local resident who answers her door one afternoon after Kincaid (Eastwood) seeks directions to his next shooting site.

The Orpheum Theatre will present Bridges of Madison County February 4 through the 14th, and presently have seven performances scheduled. For times, dates, or to purchase tickets to a live performance, click here.

The theater is also presenting The Addams Family, The Relationship Show, and Matilda: The Musical in the months of February and March. For more information regarding events at the Orpheum Theatre, call 208-595-2600.

If you're long overdue for a date night out in Twin Falls, the Bridges of Madison County is the perfect event to attend. Have fun!

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