This Saturday April 18th, Twin Falls residents are encouraged to head down to the St. Luke's Hospital on Pole Line Road at 7:30 p.m. so at 8 p.m. we can honk and support the medical professionals and other first responders for all their hard work.

Stan from Gehrig Dale and Co and Gordy from Hwy 30 Music Fest have partnered together along with 95.7 KEZJ to show some community support for the people on the front lines during this pandemic. Get the family together, make sure everyone stays in their vehicles and grab dinner then head to the hospital. Starting at 7:30 p.m. KEZJ will be playing music you can enjoy and at 8 p.m. everyone is encouraged to flash their headlights and honk their horns as the medical professionals come out of the hospital.

Twin Falls law enforcement will be there as well as the fire department. According to Stan, at 8 p.m. they are going to life the helicopter, barring any complications like it needs to be used to save someone.

We find out Wednesday, April 15th whether or not the stay home order will remain in place or businesses will be able to reopen. So even if business is as usual Honking For Heroes will still happen. Even though we can't leave our vehicles and hug the people who both deserve it and probably need it the most, we can do this as a sign of support.

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