If you are a Twin Falls resident you have likely seen people speeding through school zones or not paying attention to what they are doing around children playing. Well, this Montana grandmother has found an epic solution and we need to steal her idea.

In Montana, this adorable grandmother sits on the side of the road trying to scare people into slowing down as they speed down her road. She simply holds up a hair dryer to make it look like she has a police radar. I mean, I am not sure I would fall for a little old lady in a chair on the side of the road as a police officer searching for speeders, but it is a great way to do it.

She has even been named an honorary trooper by her local police department for her hard work. It goes to show people can make quite an impact on their community with things like fake police speeding radars. If someone in Twin Falls would please do this my life would be complete.

I really want to try this right outside the station near the elementary school by us. It is really starting to feel like people around here don't really speed unless it is around school zones and buses. Going 35 down Blue Lakes is way too much to ask, anything over 25 is crazy. School zones however, yea that's 35 MPH or bust.

She made her local news and you can check out what she has to say about what she is doing here. Some of the comments are interesting as well.

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