Have you ever Googled something just to see what the most searched thing about it is? I did it with Twin Falls and I have to say, most of the Google searches have nothing to do with where we live, let alone Idaho at all.

Disclaimer: This was done on a cleared search and cleared caches history so it is not skewed to any particular area.

Twin Falls hike

There are tons of places to hike around Twin Falls. But it is talking about an actual hike to get to a different Twin Falls. And it isn't in Idaho. There is a Twin Falls hike in Washington and Hawaii.

Twin Falls Middle School, Washington

Again, this doesn't even have anything to do with us. But the people in Washington are very curious about the Twin Falls Middle School in North Bend

Twin Falls Golf Course

This one has to be about the beautiful golf courses here in Twin Falls right? Wrong. This is about Twin Falls Golf Course, again, in Washington.

Twin Falls

This HAS to be the Twin Falls here, or at least the Shoshone Falls that occasionally gets confused with Twin Falls due to the name of the town. Nope, Twin Falls are again, in Washington. How come Washington is getting all of our accolades?

Twin Falls State Park

It is mind-blowing to me that this one also does not have anything to do with Twin Falls, ID. This has to do with another state park located in, you guessed it, Washington state.

I am so confused. I don't know if it is because my IP address randomly thinks that I live in Washington and so it is funneling that information to me. I am curious if you get different results.

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