We all love Girl Scout Cookies! Thin Mints, Samoas, Tagalongs, Do-si-does, Lemonades, etc.

While our little Twin Falls girls scouts haven't started selling cookies on location yet. They will be soon! Mark your calender's for February 19th and download the "Girl Scout Cookie Finder App" to get exact cookie locations.

My kids have always enjoyed their girl scout cookies with a huge glass of milk but what do moms pair with their cookies? Maybe, wine?

Sounds crazy but vivino.com came up with a list of what WINES you should pair with the 12 different types of Girl Scout Cookies. One quick warning: The pairing list is pretty intense . . . they didn't just pick generic wines you probably have around the house. However, if you love wine and you love cookies you will appreciate all the effort they put into this list.

  • Thin Mints are best paired with Brunello
  • Samoas are best paired with Rioja
  • Tagalongs are best paired with Amarone
  • Trefoils are best paired with German Riesling
  • Do-si-dos are best paired with California Zinfandel
  • Lemonades are best paired with Italian Roero Arneis
  • Trios are best with Washington State Syrah